LINCS is a non-profit organisation run by a group of medical students from the University of Western Australia under Interhealth, the Global Health Group of the Western Australian Medical Students’ Society (WAMSS). The LINCS initiative aims to improve the standard of healthcare in poorly resourced hospitals in majority world nations and low resource settings. We do this by raising funds and procuring donations of medical supplies/equipment that are unused or reusable, and will benefit disadvantaged communities. The medical supplies are then either transported rurally or overseas to developing countries/communities by students who are heading there on their electives or exchanges.
Each year we send a significant amount of medical equipment with students traveling overseas on electives/exchanges.While the bulk of equipment is transported by medical students, anyone going to a healthcare setting of high need can apply to receive and take LINCS equipment.
We strongly encourage all medical students from UWA and ND to get in touch with us, and any other allied health students form any WA-based institution. Contact the LINCS Coordinators ([email protected]) if you are able to donate supplies, interested in taking equipment to areas of high need, or if you would like to be involved in the fundraising efforts.