Global Health Short Course 2017

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The Global Health Short Course is a project that aims to promote the global issues affecting the health of the world’s population.

The themes of this course are sourced from the United Nation’s Sustainable Developing goals, and the aim is to present these topics in an interactive and empowering manner. In the past many inspiring speakers have been involved, as well as smaller break-out sessions tailored to the theme of the night.

In 2017 this event will run over three days. This year it will be 5pm to 9pm June 1-2, and 9am to 5pm June 3.

We encourage everyone to attend – both those who want to know more about global health and those who are already passionate about it. Our goal is not only to encourage informed advocacy, but to offer practical solutions for change.


Get involved!

We need enthusiastic and passionate students to help us put this event together. This involves tracking down great speakers (academic officers), promoting the course (media officers), and helping the event run smoothly (logistics officers). If this is something you are interested in, applications for our subcommittee will be opening soon, and are due 11:59 PM February 22nd. Details about subcommittee roles are below:


Academic Officer(s)

  •      Assist the coordinators in forming the direction of each topic, arranging speakers and breakout sessions (contacting presenters, sourcing materials, liaising with other relevant Interhealth & external groups). This includes attendance at the initial brainstorming night. Each academic subcom member will be paired with a coordinator and you’ll be responsible for two of the topics
  •      Assist with academic-related tasks during GHSC (eg. greeting speakers)
  •      Be available for the duration of GHSC 2017 (June 1-3)

Logistics Officer(s)

  •      Be responsible for the catering (contacting potential restaurants, working with the coordinators to decide on final options, ensuring smooth service of food)
  •      Attend the initial brainstorming night
  •      Work with the coordinators to ensure participants’ attendance is recorded
  •      Possibly working with external global health related groups to promote themselves via a booth, or something similar, during GHSC
  •      Be available for the duration of GHSC 2017 (June 1-3)

Media / IT / Promotions Officer(s)

  •      Multimedia/technology experience is essential, including the ability to use the lecture theatre equipment, as this role will require you to oversee all the technology requirements of the course
  •      Create visual media to promote the event, including information, flyers and posters (but not limited by your imagination!). This may include working with the Interhealth Promotions officer to produce a short video clip encouraging participation at GHSC
  •      Working with the coordinators to ensure social media is kept up-to-date
  •      Attend the initial brainstorming night
  •      Be available for the duration of GHSC 2017 (June 1-3)

Further information regarding how to apply can be found here