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Interhealth Executive

Co-Chair(s) Jana Crous

Kate Mannolini

[email protected]
Management and Operations Officer(s) Anushree Loyalka

Hannah Coopes

 [email protected]
AMSA Global Health Representative(s) James Nguyen [email protected]


Teddy Bear Hospital
Project Coordinators Emily Barrett

Kristan Teasdale

[email protected]
Crossing Borders for Health
Project Coordinators Kishaini Baskararao

Summer Porter

[email protected]
Global Health Short Course
Project Coordinators Erin Hassett

Tithi Kulkarni

[email protected]
Local and International Needs Contribution Scheme
Project Coordinators Gary Lau

Dhanushke Fernando

[email protected]
Birthing Kits Project
Project Coordinators Ella Guthridge

Ivana Ng-D’Acunto

Sean Fitzpatrick

[email protected]
Code Green
Project Coordinator Uma Nair [email protected]
Institute for Indian Mother and Child
Project Coordinators TBD [email protected]
Project Coordinators Ayeesha Thevar

Izzy Atlas

[email protected]